Electric Shavers

Tips for Using Electric Shavers

Owning an electric shaver is one thing, but knowing how to use it defines the reason why you bought it. Using an electric shaver requires skills, and that’s why there are talented barbers out there.

Note that best electric shavers are convenient and safe to use. Interestingly, they can cut coarse hair on your face close to the skin with little chance of slicing into your flesh.

The electric shaver might not give you a close shave as a razor blade would, but with proper skills, you can get excellent results. This limitation arises from the fact that the shavers use electric blades that either oscillate or rotate behind a metal guard or a thin perforated foil. That means there is a physical barrier between the skin and the blades.

That said you need to learn a few tricks for you to get the most out of your electric shaver. Below are useful and proven tips for using electric shavers.

Pre-shave preparation

This step involves assembling everything you need. It depends on the type of shaving you want: wet or dry shaving.

Dry shave: do not wash your face. You can do it first thing when you wake up. You’ll need a pre-shaving lotion or powder. In some cases, you can use an alcohol-based cleaner to clean the oil off your face.

Wet shave: you’ll need plenty of warm water to clean your face, before applying the pre-shave cream.

Charge your electric shaver

Ensure that your shaver has enough charge to last the entire shaving period. A full charger shaver has higher cutting power. That means you can work flawlessly and at a faster rate.

Disinfect and lubricate your shaver

Dirt and bacteria can build up in the shaver. It is essential to use a stronger disinfectant to clean the shaver. On the other hand, the lubrication reduces wear and tear as well as reduces the heat produced during shaving.

Here you can also use the spray cleaners designed for electric shavers. Such sprays are known to confer massive improvements to the performance of an electric shaver. It can remove dirt, degrease as well remove mineral build up.

Learn how the shaver works

It will be difficult to have perfect results if you do not understand the basics of your electric shaver. Use the manual to understand the basics of your shaver or watch some videos on how to use it.

The shave

Apply the pre-shaving lotion

The lotion is essential as it stiffens the facial hair and makes it stick out. This makes it easier to shave. Besides, the ingredients in the lotion soothe the skin.

Position your shaver properly

The right position is to hold your electric shaver at a right angle to your face using one hand. Use the other hand to pull your skin tight. This makes the hair to erect. It is easier to cut erect hair as compared to flat-lying hair. Besides, it ensures maximum contact between the shaver and your skin, making you work faster.

Shave against the grain

While wet shaving is opposed to this technique, it is easier to do so with electric shavers. Ensure that you adjust the pressure, direction, length of strokes, and angle depending on the area you are shaving.

Caution: Avoid applying excessive pressure. Doing so will result in irritation. Moreover, start with the problematic areas since they require much attention and therefore, will eat much of your time.

Be gentle but thorough

Always allow the machine to do the shaving. Your work is to roll it over the skin. At some areas, you might require to apply less pressure while at others a little more. At first, it might be difficult, but with the time you’ll learn the art.

Some parts are very sensitive, and your electric shaver tends to heat up as you use. A hot machine is very dangerous, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. So, it is good practice to start with sensitive points such as the neck. In such places apply little pressure and do not go over it repeatedly.

Replace blunt blades

A dull blade can cause considerable irritation and is uncomfortable to use. This is a safety hazard. Therefore, always replace the blades whenever they tend to get blunt. Replace with the same model.


The above tips for using electric shavers are very helpful in helping attain the desired results. Besides, learn how to maintain your shave for better results. Some of the practices you need are to clean your shaver before using.


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