The Best Hair Loss Cure

When it comes to a hair loss cure you need to find one that is both reliable and will work for you. In order to do this it is first important that you know the source of your hair loss problem so that you can select a hair loss cure that will be most productive. While hair loss is genetic as most think, this isn’t the only reason why you have hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The most frequent cause of hair loss is Androgentic Alopecia or AGA for short, simply it is a condition that causes the follicle to stop producing hair. When the follicle only produces thin hair it will shrink and eventually stop producing hair altogether. A hair loss cure for AGA will focus on stopping the process, since a hair loss cure can’t change your age or environment which are other factors that can influence your hair loss. However, a hair loss cure can help add vitamins and minerals to your body that will help stimulate hair growth.

How It Works?

A hair loss cure works by giving your body the nutrients it needs to help your hair start growing again. Growth will become faster than ever if individuals use the proper product solutions. In addition, proper care can eventually lead to a change in hair texture so that it become thick and shiny rather than the typical dry and brittle that most experience with hair loss.

Hair growth normally occurs at a rate of about one inch per two months, but when people age their hair growth often can’t keep up with their hair loss. Healthy hair will usually grow for several years, the anagen stage, and then rest for a few weeks, the catagen stage, and then those who have hair loss are in the telegen stage. This means that for these individuals the hair doesn’t start a new cycle so no new growth occurs.

When it comes to a hair loss cure you can find products that are in pill form or in a topical cream that you can apply to the scalp. You may even be able to use both types for a hair loss cure at the same time depending on the ingredients in the product. However, you should research the market before you determine which product to use for your hair loss cure since you will want to be aware of the side effects that certain ingredients can cause.


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