Sudden Hair Loss Causes

There are two main reasons why a person suffers from sudden hair loss and they are their own genes and also because of stress, though you may well wonder how genetics can cause sudden hair loss, which would normally, take time to take place. That may be the case because it may be that you only notice this “sudden” loss of hair when your brush or comb has great clumps of hair after having combed or brushed your hair. And, you may be thinking that this problem is only going to affect men, though you need to be informed that women are also affected just like men.

Stress Affects The Working Of The Hormones

So, you can reasonably be sure that it is stress that is behind sudden hair loss and this thought is reinforced when one realizes that stress can interfere with how the hormones work within the body. Thus, psychological stress and maybe even a trauma that has affected the body such as being involved in an accident or following a serious surgery could trigger sudden hair loss.

Obviously, the first thing a person that begins to suffer from sudden hair loss does is to pick up the phone and call up his or her doctor to ascertain the reasons behind this condition. And, if stress is not the reason behind the sudden hair loss, then it may actually is an early warning that some other impending and serious disease is afoot and it may be a warning that a person is suffering from diabetes or even lupus and maybe even has infected scalp. Also, you should however is aware that the problem could be a result of DHT which has genetic connotations and which may require being prescribed DHT in the form of shampoos or topical solutions blockers by your doctor.

Another major cause of sudden hair loss is alopecia which is a condition which occurs in different forms and for which there is no known cure, and the different forms of alopecia include alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, and alopecia universalis. Alopecia areata is a condition where there is hair loss in patches which results in balding spots on different parts of the person’s scalp, while alopecia totalis means total hair loss on the entire scalp and alopecia universalis means total hair loss over the entire body.

So, you may need to have blood tests taken in order for the doctor to ascertain the reasons for sudden hair loss and possible causes can include infections, deficiencies or even hormonal problems. What’s more, sudden hair loss is traumatic to the sufferer and though not common, do occur in some people who mean that it is better to first find the exact causes rather than rushing out and trying every product that one can lay one’s hands on which mostly won’t work until the cause is identified.


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