Bikini Area Hair Removal

Latest Tips and Trends in Bikini Area Hair Removal

Winter season sure is ending and summer’s fast approaching. While trying to get your body in shape it is nice not to forget about what completes pool and beach outings! Pay attention to bikini areas. Who’d want to see a hair popping out that bikini line? Here are the latest tips and trends in bikini area hair removal that you might actually want to read.

Bikini area hair removal minus the pain

One don’t really need to suffer when doing bikini trims or waxing. There are now new types of creams made specifically to help you achieve that long been wanted smooth bikini line. You may apply those mixed with a skin-numbing formula, or perhaps sprays that contain lidocaine (anesthetic ingredient) at least 15 to 20 minutes before waxing.

Laser bikini area hair removal for dark hair

Before, only those with fair skin are privileged to have laser therapy as it may cause scarring and pigmentation problems on persons with dark complexions. With the latest laser technology, all are entitled of laser therapy with best results for bikini hair removal. Although expensive, laser offers a long range, almost lifetime flawless bikini lines.

Consider hair inhibitors

Using hair inhibitors is no bikini area hair removal technique, but it prevents the hair growing fast. These hair inhibitors contain plant extracts and compounds reducing hair regrowth. They will not make your bikini areas totally hairless, but if used two times a day for about one month, you will be able to shave and wax less often.

What to remember during shaving

Always make sure that the blade of the razor you will be using is sharp and clean and that it can pivot its head; flexibility will save you from unnecessary cuts. Using transparent gel is also more advisable as it will allow you to see where the razor is going. When shaving, it is always best to shave in the direction of hair growth, and not the opposite. Minutes after taking a warm shower is the best time to do your stuff, as the shower steam can soften the hair while opening the skin’s pores. You can always prevent razor rash by putting some antibiotic ointments, moisturizer, or toner with hazel or rosemary in it.

What to remember during waxing

If you’d want to do bikini area hair removal at home and prefer waxing, see to it that the hair is long enough to be pulled off by strips, hair at least one quarter inch long will do. Apply some baby powder to the area to remove moisture. This will make the wax strips adhere to the hair instead of your skin. If you’d want to do waxing in a body spa choose a package that is with anesthetic.

Feeling gorgeous is not enough. Looking good is better. So go flaunt that smooth bikini lines and be hot this summer! Bikini area hair removal can be done fast and easy just check our site for quick solutions.










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