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CC Creams: The New Skin Care Trend

BB creams are so last season. Now there’s a new product that’s taking the beauty world by storm. Get the lowdown on the latest must-have: CC creams


CC Creams: The New Skin Care Trend

This is a TotalBeauty.com skin care article

Big news: There’s a hot skin care trend that is just starting to hit shelves. Color correcting creams (better known as CC creams) will minimize blotches and brighten your complexion while giving you other long-term skin care benefits. See what makes the CCs so special.


See list

Super fun story! Check it out and let us know if you’ve ever given these beauty tips a try!


Bizarre Beauty Tips That Really Work

See which crazy beauty tips are actually true and which are beauty folklore

Bizarre Beauty Tips That Really Work

This is a TotalBeauty.com health and beauty article

We hear tons of weird DIY beauty tips that have been passed down from our friends, mothers, etc. But, hearing so much advice leaves us wondering: Do these wacky beauty tips actually work? We asked experts to find out.

Get answers

Click “continue reading” below to check the styles out…

by Stephanee Stubblefield

I have to admit, I’m a bit impatient.

Waiting on lines. Waiting for my nails to dry. Waiting for the work week to be over with.

For me, it’s most frustrating when dealing with products that claim you will see results in 6-8 weeks.

That seems like a lifetime! I want to see results like YESTERDAY…

August 8th, 2010
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Read all about it after the jump…

When I’m not buying my millionth piece of delectable tiramisu at Whole Foods, I’m puttering around in the Whole Body section looking at all the health and beauty products on display and trying really hard not to buy most of them.

One product that I love to bits and pieces is the 365 Everyday Value Shower Gel ($3). Shower gel can go for upwards of $7 here in NYC, but 3 bucks gets you 16 ounces of this lovely product. Jackpot!

It comes in a few different scents, including Citrus Grapefruit (pictured) and Lavender Blend (my personal fav). It comes unscented, too, if that’s your cup of tea. No matter what scent you choose, rest assured that you’ll be getting no parabens, animal ingredients or artificial fragrances.

If you’re anti-sulfates, steer clear of this product, since it contains sodium laureth sulfate as it’s main foaming ingredient. Otherwise, this shower gel is a quality and affordable way to keep clean. Happy bathing!

Stay Beautiful

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Disclaimer: I bought this bad boy myself!

Have you been partying in your shower lately?

With products, I mean! ;)

Well, if you’ve been following my tweets, then you’ll know that I recently attended the launch party for Bioré’s new facial cleansing products, the Steam Activated Cleanser ($8) and Makeup Removing Towelettes ($8). The theme for the event was, you guessed it, Party in the Shower

More women than not (60% to be exact) report washing their faces in the shower, so the Steam Activated Cleanser makes perfect sense…

Howdy Beauties,

It’s Friday!

Here’s a fab collection of sites that we’ve been checking out this week…


Luxe Lashes 101. [Wall Street Journal]

Soy-based Polishes + Remover. [Beauty Snob]

We heart Rachel McAdams! [Miss Whoever You Are]

Steam Deep Conditioning. [Relaxed Hair Health]

Have you seen Lady Gaga & Beyoncé’s new video, “Telephone”? [Fashion Bomb]

Stay Beautiful

Who knew?

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea about how lace front wigs were applied up until ten minutes ago. This video by Many Faces of Beauty (Miss Diva, herself! ;) ) shows us how it’s done – in high speed, too!

Long story short:

lace fronts are wigs that have a small piece of lace mesh attached to the front which you attach to your head (by double-sided tape or glue), giving the illusion of a seamless hairline. If one is custom made, human hair is individually pulled through the lace, for an even more realistic look

If you’d like to read more of the story behind lace fronts, check out this article on AOL Black Voices.

And, now, without further ado…


Thoughts? Opinions? Any of you Beauties wear one?

As always, let me know!

Stay Beautiful


This deep treatment is amazing…

Perhaps, even more amazing than when I first reviewed it. Well, in honor of one of my favorite products, here is a quick how-to on using Ouidad’s Deep Treatment to help your hair be all it can be!



P.S. – Yes, it’s worth every penny!

Stay Beautiful

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