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June 1st, 2012
Guest Beauty: REVIEW + Video – Curlformers on Natural Hair

 by Stephanee for Beauty 365


Curlformers are nylon spiral shaped rods that come with a crochet like hook. The hook allows you to pull your hair through the inside of the Curformers and end up with curls without using heat. . .

My first time hearing about Curlformers was from Naptural85 on Youtube. You can check out her video tutorial below.

As soon as I saw the video I drove to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought the starter kit. . .

The only kit they had at Sally’s was the long and wide and I thought that would suffice. Unfortunately I had to go back to Sally’s with wet hair and purchase the extra long and wide pack of six because my hair was too long for the other ones. Overall I had to purchase seven packs of six.


Using these curlers was challenging in the beginning and I kept ripping my hair which was very upsetting. The first time I used them on soaking wet hair, the curls came out nice but by the end of that rainy day I had a frizzy mop on my head.

The second time I used them on dry hair I had spritz lightly with water. That technique was much easier pulling the hair through the curler and I thought it was all good until my curls fell and got all puffy.

The most recent time I used on wet but not soaking wet hair and made sure I used product so it would come out with less frizz. I decided to sleep on the Curlformers since I waited so late at night to put them in. I should have known better than to do that because I’m a very finicky sleeper and sleeping on 42 Curlformers was a sleep robber.

However my curls came out perfect, shiny and no frizz. A section in the back had not dried all the way but it didn’t matter much. Seems like guys like curly headed girls because I received tons of compliments. :-)



My recommendations to make your Curlformers application easier are to use product of your choice to set your hair.

* Make sure all my hair was inside of the hook or risk some serious hair ripping.

* Make sure you use small sections of hair it will be easier to pull through the Curlformer.

* Allow enough time for your hair to air dry, around five or six hours if you don’t like sleeping on rollers like me.

Next time I will try sitting under my hood dryer to dry my hair that way. To preserve my curls as long as possible I used the pineapple method where I pulled my curls at the top of my head with a pony tail holder and covered in a huge satin scarf at night.

Overall this product is ideal for me since I am transitioning it helps camouflage my new growth and gives me curls without harsh heat and they are much easier than using magnetic rollers. You can purchase Curlformers at Sally’s but its better to purchase directly from their website; they have a larger selection and enough information to browse before buying. You can also purchase here.




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Disclaimer: I bought these products myself!
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This entry was posted on Friday, June 1st, 2012 at 12:39 am and is filed under Guest Beauty, Guest Blogger, Hair Care, Stephanee Stubblefield, Videos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

5 Responses to “Guest Beauty: REVIEW + Video – Curlformers on Natural Hair”

  1. Ugochi @ Beauty 365 says:

    they came out soooo nicely! what product do you use now to set the curls?

  2. Dr. Uzoma @ Beauty365 says:

    This looks great. Glad you were able to figure out how to use them.

  3. Nicole says:

    I saw your post on the curlformers. Decided I’m going to try them. I am transitioning and don’t want to do the big chop. I need options. I tried them last night. Because I have short chin length hair I purchased the short ones. I looked crazy last night. The results are wonderful. Thanks! I will be wearing my hair like this all summer.

  4. LuLu says:

    I am in the early stages of transition only 5 weeks
    Since my last relaxer. Please advise what product you used on your hair to help with frizz. Thanks for ye great post!

  5. Bendetta says:

    Hello All,
    I have long beautiful dreadlocks and my question is can I use these roller on my hair?

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